14th July 2017

Notice of motion.

Whipping of Horse in the Racing Industry

  1. That this House condemns Racing NSW for permitting the practice of jockeys whipping horses for the purported purpose of increasing the horse’s performance, given that it is an offence under s4 (2) d) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 for animals to be unnecessarily inflicted with pain.
  2. That this House notes the research commissioned in 2012 by the RSPCA and undertaken by Professor Paul McGreevy, Sydney University; “Whip use by jockeys in a sample of Australian Thoroughbred races – an observational study” which
    1. confirmed that repeated striking with a whip (of any type) in the same area of the body has the potential to cause localised trauma and tissue damage, and
    2. identified that the injury will increase with the force of the strike and the number of repetitions.
    3. confirmed that there is unacceptable use of the whip in thoroughbred racing and
    4. the RSPCA recommended that the whip as a performance aid be prohibited.

Motion was OBJECTED to by the Government.