Vale, Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison

Earlier this week, we learnt about the passing of Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison.
I first met Uncle Max ten years ago, and together we have fought for kangaroo protection ever since.
With the permission of Uncle Max’s family, I want to share with you some photos and the below tribute to Uncle Max.
Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison is one of very few eminent and awe-inspiring people to have walked about this Earth, Australia and Yuin Country.
Every person, each child, any animal including the willy wag-tail, stone, water and earth which he touched or looked upon, has changed. The beautiful, penetrating and comforting dark eyes saw only what is your utmost potential and, by doing so, nourished it to flower sooner than it would have. He absolutely changed my life. The world and Earth are absolutely better places for him choosing to physically visit us for a while. He made it clear he is not going anywhere. He just no longer casts a shadow.
Quiet, polite, even shy. But a vision with scorching intensity which seared through bullshit and smoking mirrors to the raw truth. Courageous indeed. A Warrior who has come to protect and preserve, not offend. Though Barnaby Joyce might not agree. Just as Joyce and his ‘delegation’ were leaving Beijing in an attempt to open up kangaroo body part exports, the Uncle Max and Mark Pearson Delegation was arriving. And after Uncle Max gently placed his hand on the Chinese agriculture minister’s leg, explained China would bring a curse if they imported kangaroo products, he said: “how would you like me to bloody eat your panda, mate?”. China refused to commence imports.
He is the Teacher which all children, even the most damaged, would relish in his words and conversation with that gentle colour of his voice: the comforting, the forgiveness, the Healing, the inspiration. He understood the misunderstood like the dingo and therefore has helped this demonised animal be re-discovered for the majestic, intriguing animal it is. It is his connection to it which caused me to realise that the Indigenous interconnectedness and Lores with dingos could be enshrined in Law to more protect them. When I told him about this a few weeks ago his graceful face beamed and he gave a gentle nod of approval.
Very recently he announced the Yuin Declaration for Kangaroos. His and their Country. This came after he gave astonishing and historic evidence at the recent parliamentary inquiry into the health and well-being of kangaroos and other macropods. His testimony was gold. He was able to convince the committee to see that what white people have done to kangaroos is genocide.
Uncle Max’s profound insights which he so willingly imparted have made us better people, to be wiser Stewards of the land, water and sky we all share. No more beautiful a Songline could be sung through us, his sisters and brothers.
We’ll be seeing you down the road, mate.