THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24: get an incredible insight into kangaroos from key witnesses of the NSW kangaroo inquiry

Join us for a special World Kangaroo Day webinar at 4pm this Sunday, October 24.

Last Friday the NSW kangaroo inquiry’s final report was tabled, and I posted about what the recommendations to the government could mean for kangaroos.
If you haven’t had a chance to read the inquiry report in full, the webinar on Sunday is a great opportunity for you to learn about what happened at the inquiry from myself, Deputy Chair of the inquiry, and two key witnesses: biostatistician Claire Galea, and author David Brooks.
I’ll take you through an overview of the inquiry, and explain the key recommendations and findings, and how these can be used to protect kangaroos.
Claire’s work analysing the NSW Government’s data on kangaroos was instrumental in raising concerns among the kangaroo inquiry’s committee members about the number of macropods that are left in NSW, and the numbers that are killed. During her presentation, Claire will take you through how she went through this data, and what it showed about the current plight of kangaroos in NSW.
At the inquiry, David spoke poignantly and passionately about the rich emotional lives of kangaroos, and how the brutal activities of the commercial and non-commercial kangaroo killing industries impact and traumatise not only individual kangaroos, but entire mobs for generations to come.
The wealth of knowledge and specialised insight Claire and David have is astounding, and I’m sure you’ll get as much out of their presentations as I did from their contributions to the inquiry.

Please join us this Sunday in celebrating kangaroos and fighting for their protection.


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