The Kangaroo Meat Trade


The kangaroo is the victim of the largest slaughter of land-based mammals on the planet.

Australian governments promote, financially support and even actively participate in the brutal killing of the kangaroo, a gentle, inoffensive, iconic native animal that has resided in this land for 16 million years. This is an international disgrace and is a shameful way to treat an Aboriginal totem and our national emblem.

Prior to his election to the NSW Parliament, Mark successfully campaigned for Russia to impose a ban on importation of kangaroo meat, a ban that is still in effect to this day. In Mid-2015 Mark lead a delegation to China to highlight the public health, animal welfare and Indigenous cultural concerns regarding the trade in a bid to counter the promotion of kangaroo meat as a part of the federal governments free trade agreements, see MEDIA RELEASE.

The AJP is appalled at the disregard exhibited by all governments towards the kangaroo and wallaby and will actively work to:

  • outlaw the commercial killing of kangaroo and wallabies and close down processing industries
  • oppose the negative culture towards kangaroos and wallabies and inform rural landowners of their considerable ecological benefit
  • review and change relevant wildlife legislation, policies and the agencies that administer them that directly enable brutality towards and killing of kangaroos and wallabies
  • increase and enforce penalties for wildlife cruelty
  • bring a sense of balance to conservation practices that unfairly and unethically target kangaroos and wallabies.
  • eradicate the perception of kangaroos and wallabies as a ‘resource’ or ‘pest’
  • encourage increased growth in and support for wildlife-based tourism in Australia
  • review the policies for licensing and the operational practices of wildlife caring and rehabilitation groups and individuals
  • ban the use of barbed wire fencing in rural residential areas where it is a hazard to macropods as well as birds and bats.

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