Right to Release Bill 2017

Animal Research Amendment (Right To Release) Bill 2017

Right now thousands of animals in Australia are being used in medical research.

A lot of secrecy surrounds the use of animals in research – a lot of Australians probably aren’t aware that cats and dogs are still used in research. Most cats and dogs are killed at the end of medical testing – even if they are healthy.

Cats and Dogs are Used in Medical Research

A house becomes a home with a cat or dog. In Australia these companions are not simply pets, they are part of the family. Yet hundreds of cats and dogs in this country are born for one purpose: to be used in medical research. They will spend their lives in a research laboratory undergoing pharmaceutical drug testing, psychological experimentation, blood sampling and various other tests. When they are no longer required they are killed – even if they are healthy.

Let’s Make Sure They Get A Second Chance

Research facilities that use cats and dogs are refusing to release these animals because they are concerned about public backlash. Current laws allow for healthy animals to be killed at the end of experimentation. After everything these animals have endured, euthanasia is incomprehensible. In NSW several hundred animals are killed each year that could have been rehabilitated and re-homed.

The Right To Release Bill

Let’s change this. The ‘Right to Release Bill’ being tabled in Parliament will ensure cats and dogs in medical research are offered up to rescue groups rather than killed. Like you, we want all animal experimentation to end. This Bill acts as step towards that bigger goal. Importantly, legislation gets made from social pressure- so we need to raise the heat on this issue if we are going to succeed.

Sign the petition so that we can ensure cats and dogs used in medical research are re-homed rather than killed at the end of experimentation.