MOTION PASSED: Securing covered-up kangaroo concerns


This week I took to the chamber to call on the government to release documents that prove its own bureaucrats raised concerns about kangaroo killing in NSW. The motion passed unanimously.
I was already furious at how badly the Department of Planning, Industry, Environment performed at the NSW kangaroo inquiry: arrogantly denying wrongdoing and evading questions, and providing only nonsensical answers. I was even more outraged when leaked documents revealed that DPIE staff had already voiced concerns about the sustainability of kangaroo killing: where was this information at the kangaroo inquiry?
Disclosed by the whistleblower but not by the DPIE at the inquiry is that in 2020 alone there were 785 reporting breaches from licensed animal dealers.
It seems the NSW kangaroo inquiry has barely scratched the surface of what is really happening to kangaroos in NSW. That is why it was so important my office succeeded in obtaining these covered-up documents, and I’m so glad to bring you the news we did succeed.
The government now has 28 business days to provide these documents. We’ll be trawling through them with a fine-toothed comb and bringing you updates as we get them.