Milton Griffiths. History in the making.

Animal activism in Australia has a fascinating and, mostly, quiet and understated recorded history spanning far back. The records are mainly indented in archives of the media cataloguing extraordinary achievements such as the issue of freedom of speech and privacy leaping all the way to the High Court on the back of possums slaughtered in Tasmania. 

Well now this has changed!

MILTON GRIFFITHS has written memoirs navigating through an intriguing and colourful history of animal activism going far back to the late 1980s. These memoirs are poetically and alluringly crafted with almost forensic analysis together with warmth, wit, humour and satire. 

This work is a refreshing and inspiring yarn to read. For some of us it will bring back memories which are well worthy of re-kindling. For the latter activists of today – a welcome surprise to learn that ‘sophisticated’ animal actions happened which laid important ground for future work, a ground that upheld freedom of speech and a right to see how animals are treated even on private property while people risk their personal liberties to expose it.

Please, set some time aside to read this well crafted, historic memoir of a deeply respected and otherwise, quiet warrior for animal protection – Milton Griffiths:

Milton Griffiths and Animal Rights