Meet me in Sydney this World Kangaroo Day! Saturday, October 24 2020

#WorldKangarooDay is tomorrow!


There are events happening all across NSW – four in the Sydney CBD alone! I will be hopping (pun intended) from one to the next tomorrow morning between 10am and midday – please come and say hello!
I will have hand sanitiser to give out, and lots of stories about kangaroos!


10am – Town Hall
Cube of Truth

10:30am – Woolworths Town Hall

11:00am – Hyde Park Fountain

11:30am – Pitt Street Mall
Cube of Truth

Tomorrow’s events are casual, friendly outreach demonstrations designed to get people passing by thinking about kangaroos – how wonderful they are, and how cruelly they are treated.

Our aim is to teach as many people as possible about what really happens in the commercial kangaroo industry, and encourage them to join us in calling for a moratorium on the mass commercial slaughter of kangaroos.

If you can’t make it to a World Kangaroo Day event tomorrow, you can still help by:
1. Signing the visual petition calling for a moratorium on the commercial killing of kangaroos at
2. Sharing the petition with a friend!