MEDIA RELEASE: “Totalitarian” anti-protest bill to be rushed through NSW Parliament today


Upper House MP for the Animal Justice Party Mark Pearson has condemned a controversial new government bill that is set to pass through the Legislative Council of New South Wales Parliament today.

The Roads and Crimes Amendment Bill would make it an offence to “enter, remain on, climb, jump on or otherwise trespass on a major road”, with a maximum penalty of $22,000 or two-years’ imprisonment.

“This totalitarian bill is anti-democracy and anti-free-speech and threatens the right of every Australian to protest on the streets of New South Wales,” Mr Pearson said on Friday.

“It is clear the NSW Government is cracking down on protestors. This outrageous bill is nothing but an instrument to silence those speaking out against climate change inaction, animal cruelty, wage inequality, and the continued persecution of LGBTIQ and First Nations people.”

Labor is set to support the government bill, with only the Greens and the Animal Justice Party objecting it.

“I have spent my life protesting on the streets, at ports where animals are being sent off as live exports, and outside circuses where lions and elephants are kept chained to the ground. Just last month I stood with a hundred others outside NIKE’s Sydney store, protesting their use of cruel, unsustainable kangaroo products,” Mr Pearson said.

“I’m disgusted this government is sneaking this bill through make to protesting injustices a gaolable offence.”

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