MEDIA RELEASE: “It’s battery cages for dogs”: NSW Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson condemns government’s new welfare code for greyhounds

Mark Pearson, NSW MLC for the Animal Justice Party, has spoken out against the NSW government’s draft ‘welfare code of practice’ for greyhounds.

The code would allow the greyhound racing industry to keep dogs in 3-square-metre cages for 24 hours a day.

“These are battery cages for dogs,” Mr Pearson said.

“This code of ‘welfare’ is typical of the appalling ethical standards of the vile greyhound racing industry and shows exactly why it needs to be shut down for good,” Mr Pearson said.

The draft code was released by NSW Nationals MP Kevin Anderson for public consultation in January.

The NSW government is now poised to sign off on the code.

“This code would allow the racing industry to keep greyhounds in cages so small that they can’t stand, and that would be permissible for 24 hours a day,” Mr Pearson explained.

“It’s clear why this despicable industry was on the verge of being outlawed completely in 2016, and we know the majority of Australians stand with the Animal Justice Party in our opposition to the greyhound racing industry.”

The section of the draft code that relates to the conditions in which greyhounds are kept allows the industry to “delay compliance” for up to ten years from the date that the code comes into effect.


“With three inquiries into this industry concluding it can’t exist unless unacceptable animal abuse and killings occur, now this code virtually sanctions that,” Mr Pearson said.

“But it also means this industry is doomed.”

100 greyhounds have died in 2020 so far due to injuries sustained during a race or in catching pens.

Over 3000 have been injured, with 600 of these considered major injuries.

Mr Pearson is looking into what the Animal Justice Party can do to stop the new welfare code of practice from coming into effect.