MEDIA RELEASE: Commercial shooter filmed killing kangaroos next to a kangaroo sanctuary, despite low population numbers

Video footage has emerged of a commercial shooter harvesting kangaroos next to a kangaroo sanctuary just two weeks after National Parks and Wildlife Service declined the landholder permission to cull kangaroos due to low population density.

The incident occurred on the night of Friday, April 30thwith footage uploaded by charity Kangaroos Alive showing gunshots ringing out in the night and dozens of dead kangaroos strung up on a large vehicle moving slowly through a dark paddock.

“I’ve been watching him for two and half hours,” a male voice behind the camera says.

“Three kangaroos he shot at escaped him, they were hit by bullets and ran off. You have to look. You have to bear witness, and you have to tell their story.”

In response to the incident, NSW Upper House MP for the Animal Justice Party, Mark Pearson has today submitted questions on notice to NSW Environment Minister, Matt Kean.

“Why is commercial killing on private property permitted by the Department even after NPWS has rejected the issuing of licenses to harm on the basis of low kangaroo population density?” Mr Pearson asked.

“What is the Department’s procedures, codes, or guidelines that govern how and when the Department can issue tags to commercial kangaroo harvesters when licensed and active kangaroo carers are known to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick, injured and orphaned kangaroos within that commercial zone?” he also asked.

Mr Pearson also asked questions about the Department of Environment’s procedures and information sharing practices with NPWS in instances when the Department has set zone quotas for kangaroo killing and issued tags to commercial harvesters.

He also asked the Minister for confirmation of the number of kangaroos killed on the Central Tablelands property on April 30th, and the number of tags issued to the commercial harvester prior.

Kangaroo rescue charity Kangaroos Alive have spoken out about the incident.

“We are beyond devastated,” said spokesperson Greg Keightley, quoted in Facebook the post.

“The shooter chased the few remaining individual kangaroos he could find for hours, eventually trapping them against our fence or wearing them out in order to shoot them.”

The Minister is expected to provide an answer to the questions submitted by Mr Pearson within 21 days.