MEDIA RELEASE: ‘A vote for greyhound cruelty’: Wollondilly Councillors urged to oppose “archaic” motion supporting greyhound racing

Wollondilly Shire Council will tonight vote on a divisive motion that could see Council commit resources to supporting the greyhound racing industry.

If passed, the motion put forward by Councillor Matthew Deeth would see Wollondilly Council commit its support to “the Greyhound industry, its breeders, trainers and its many benefits to Wollondilly”, by working with Greyhound Racing NSW and Wollondilly Greyhound Club in maintaining operations at Thirlmere Sportsground.

Upper House MP for the Animal Justice Party, Mark Pearson, is urging Wollondilly Councillors to vote against Cr. Deeth’s motion.

“50 greyhounds have died on Australian tracks since the start of the year, with close to 3,000 injured,” Mr Pearson said, citing reports by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds.


“My question to the eight Councillors at Wollondilly Council is this: do you really want to be responsible for rubber-stamping greyhound deaths in your community?”


Mr Pearson is also urging Wollondilly Shire residents to contact their Councillors urging them to vote against the motion.

“Council exists to represent the best interests of the entire community, and this motion represents the interests of just one tiny part of the community – the greyhound industry,” he said.


“I’d also remind the Wollondilly community that three inquiries into the industry have shown us that greyhound racing can’t exist unless unacceptable animal abuse and killings occur, so it’s clear why this despicable industry was on the verge of being outlawed completely in 2016.”

Mr Pearson said he was alerted to the issue by a concerned member of the public, and was shocked to read the motion.

“We know this cruel blood-sport is doomed and that the vast majority of Australians stand with the Animal Justice Party in our opposition to this industry, so it’s disturbing to see a Councillor in 2021 putting forward a motion so blatantly out of touch,” he said.


The motion will be voted on at tonight’s Wollondilly Shire Council meeting at 6:30pm (April 20), which will be livestreamed via Zoom.