Livestock Amendment Bill 2015

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Stock Animals) Bill 2015

In 2015, Mark introduced the Animal Justice Party’s first Bill in the NSW upper house. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Stock Animals) Bill 2015 targets slaughterhouses and the intensive farming industries by making it compulsory to install fire sprinkler and alarm systems, CCTV and audio recording of all operations relating to the handling and slaughter of animals.

The Bill addresses the legitimate concerns of the overwhelming majority of the public who are rightly distressed at the media reporting of confined animals dying in fires and by heat exhaustion when systems fail. Confined animals are unable to escape from fire outbreak in sheds, or malfunctioning cooling and feeding systems and it is only reasonable that sprinkler and alarm systems be installed in these places.

Mandatory CCTV cameras would also go a long way to satisfying the public that animal cruelty will be lawfully exposed and successfully prosecuted, reducing the risk of failed prosecutions such as the controversial Wally’s Piggery case. Despite numerous questions to government, the Animal Justice Party and animal advocacy groups have been unable to establish the reason for RSPCA’s withdrawal of 53 related animal cruelty charges where activists had obtained footage showing shocking acts of cruelty and neglect of pigs. Legislators must act to strengthen protections for animals hidden away from public view, especially now that this Government has tightened laws against activists entering animal farms.

A briefing paper explaining the Bill can be viewed HERE.

The original Bill can be downloaded HERE.

Mark’s Second Reading speech introducing the Bill can be viewed HERE.

The Explanatory Notes can be viewed HERE.

The Animal Justice Party’s latest amendments to the Bill can be viewed HERE.