19th September 2018

Notice of motion.

Mark Pearson tabled a motion condemning the NSW Government over its treatment of kangaroos.

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:

1. That this House condemns the government’s decision to amend the licencing provisions under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 to allow the almost unrestricted slaughter of kangaroos by      landholders and their agents.

2. That this House notes that the ongoing drought has caused kangaroos to move in from their native habitats into rural landholdings, in the search for food and water.

3. That this House notes that it is scientifically impossible for kangaroos to breed up into plague proportions given their low rates of reproduction and high juvenile mortality due to predation.

4. That this House notes with extreme distress that as a result of the government’s licencing amendments, there is a genocide being committed against kangaroos in country New South Wales.

5. That this House recognises the extreme stress caused to wildlife carer groups by having to:
(a) witness the gruesome impact of the virtually unfettered slaughter of kangaroos and
(b) care for an overwhelming number of injured and orphaned kangaroos as a direct consequence of the loosening of the licencing provisions.

6. The House calls upon the Minister for Primary Industries to
(a) facilitate an observational visit to those rural areas where kangaroos are claimed to be in plague proportions and
(b) invite all members to participate in order to identify areas where kangaroos are
i. in such numbers that they are at risk of starvation or
ii. causing irreparable damage to rural landholdings or
iii. causing the death of cattle and sheep through competition for the available food supply.
(c) arrange food drops to any areas where kangaroos are found to be starving.