Dropping by the mid-north coast and meeting up with AJP Coffs Harbour Regional Group

Excellent to catch up with Animal Justice Party Coffs Harbour Regional Group last weekend when I was in the region launching Friends of Kalang Headwaters’ proposal for a new conservation reserve.
The beautiful forests and bushland of the mid-north coast urgently need protecting. It’s not only koalas who call the stunning natural environment of the mid-north coast home. It’s greater gliders, long-nosed potoroos, and so many others. All decimated by the fires and with limited habitat – up to a third of the region’s koalas were killed last summer. Among the heartbreak of knowing just how much the animals are suffering, it’s heartening to see community groups put up such a dedicated fight, speaking up for the region’s wildlife, and in the case of AJP Coffs, speaking up for ALL animals.
Thank you for having me, AJP Coffs. And for bringing along some four-legged friends, too. 🐶