Rodeo cruelty continues

6th June 2019


The Hon. MARK PEARSON (12:34): My question is directed to the Hon. Sarah Mitchell, representing the Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales. The New South Wales Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals Used in Rodeo Events was approved on 30 April 1988, over 31 years ago. It states:

The Code is based on knowledge available at the time of publication and should be reviewed at intervals of no longer than two years to maintain the highest possible standards.

It also requires the phasing out by 20 June 1989 of calf roping. When was the last time the code was reviewed and has calf roping been phased out as required under the code?

The Hon. SARAH MITCHELL (Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning) (12:34): I thank the member for his question in relation to calf roping at rodeos. We all pronounce “rodeo” differently, but it will look the same inHansard. The member has sought an answer from me on behalf of a Minister in the other place. Given the very specific nature of the question, I will take it on notice and come back with a response.

Government response 6th August 2019:

The Hon. SARAH MITCHELL (Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning)—The Minister provided the following response:

All rodeo events in New South Wales must comply with the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 [POCTA] and adhere to the NSW Code of Practice for Animals used in Rodeo Events (the Code) which is recognised under POCTA. A rodeo operator who fails to comply with the code may be committing an offence under POCTA.

Clause 4.23 of the code states that rodeo associations are to ensure that arrangements are made for the phasing out by 20 June 1989, of calf-roping in a form which permits the abrupt stopping of calves when roped.

The Australian Professional Rodeo Association and Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association have phased out calf roping in a form which results in abrupt stopping of calves when roped. Only an approved roping device can be used in calf roping events.