Petition to Ban Kangaroo Wildlife Trade

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The world is in crisis, and it began with the wildlife trade. COVID-19 has shown us what happens when we confine, slaughter or consume wildlife. The government has ramped-up measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. But what about the cause?


Will you add your voice to the petition calling for Environment Minister Sussan Ley to immediately stop all wildlife trade?


In response to the current pandemic, China has banned all wildlife trade, including the buying, selling and eating of wildlife. The Vietnamese government is making moves to do the same. Meanwhile Russia banned Australia’s kangaroo meat imports back in 2014 due to unacceptable levels of E. coli bacteria. And Sussan Ley remains silent.

But we cannot. Sign the petition calling on the Environment Minister to ban the wildlife trade in Australia.

It’s not surprising that when we overlook cruelty, we overlook safety too. The cruel confinement and slaughter of animals invites disease: from China’s wet markets to Australia’s kangaroo meat trade.

Australian kangaroo meat is the product of outback slaughter; isolated and overlooked. Mothers are shot and their joeys are beaten to death. Carcasses are hung on the back of trucks exposed to the elements for up to 8 hours before they’re chilled. It’s no wonder kangaroo meat has worrying levels of Salmonella and E.Coli.

Add your name to the call for health and safety over industry profit. Sign the petition:




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