Huge news! As you know, I love a good protest, and we’ve got a huge one coming up in just over a week.

The Animal Justice Party has teamed up with over 15 national and international organisations to protest the slaughter of kangaroos at NIKE’s flagship Australians stores on Saturday, December 18.

This nightly horror is being driven by huge profits in kangaroo leather, which NIKE is turning into soccer shoes.

Our upcoming protest at NIKE’s flagship stores on George Street in Sydney and Chapel Street in Melbourne will demand that NIKE stop using kangaroos for leather, which is driving an unsustainable profit-driven shooting spree across Australia.

There will also be an event in Brisbane with details to be confirmed.

Along with my fellow AJP MP, Emma Hurst, I will be speaking at the Sydney event and I hope to see you many of you there.

To keep up to date and for more details, check out the event on Facebook:

Event details here!