In May 2015, Mark was elected by the Legislative Council to the Joint Select Committee on Companion Animal Breeding Practices. The committee considered over 340 submissions and interviewed a number of witnesses before bringing down its report in August 2015.  The Baird Government has until February 2016 to respond to the Committee’s recommendations, which include:

  • A breeder licensing system to be established and the Companion Animals Register should be updated to capture breeder licence information for each animal record
  • The Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding Dogs and Cats should be revised to ensure that the existing guidelines it contains become enforceable standards.
  • Relevant animal welfare codes of practice should be amended to require the sellers of cats and dogs to display an animal’s microchip number (or the licence number of the breeder of an animal) in all advertisements, and at point of sale in the case of pet shops, markets and fairs.
  • Removal of microchipping exemptions for breeders,
  • Increased education and information materials for the public and students, including a new pre-school program
  • At least one staff member working in a pet shop, breeding establishment, pound or animal shelter must hold a Certificate II Animal Studies qualification.
  • Cat and dog registration fees should be reviewed and set at such a level to provide an additional incentive for owners to desex their animals.
  • A new discounted registration category ‘Desexed animal – purchased from a pound or shelter’ should be established to further encourage the purchase of desexed cats and dogs.
  • A grant-funding program should be established for councils and partner organisations to deliver targeted micro chipping, registration and desexing programs.
  • Funding should be provided for research into key cat and dog issues.
  • Better practice guidelines should be issued to councils with a view to standardising impounding practices.
  • The Companion Animals Register should be updated to provide a centralised impounded animal management tool for use by all councils, relevant State agencies and animal welfare organisations.
  • Barriers to cat and dog ownership in relation to residential tenancy laws be reviewed.

See here for all the details, submissions and final report – HERE