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    15/10/2015: Speech in support of workplace flexibility

    I support the principle of flexibility in the workplace. It is important to address the mental and physical health of employees in a workplace where the work is difficult, the stress level is high and there are many deadlines. Often people do not merge their work lives and home lives, for different reasons. At home people may have to deal with illness of a partner, a child or a family member. That and other factors make life complex and it is impossible to live a regimented life. At the same time their workplace may be rigid and regimented, and does not provide flexibility, which results in more stress. That can have deleterious impacts on their wellbeing and their capacity to manage their lives, both at work and at home.

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  • 14/10/2015: Debate speech in opposition to the closure of the Newcastle rail line

    The Animal Justice Party will oppose the Transport Administration Amendment (Closure of Railway Line at Newcastle) Bill 2015. The whole argument of the Government in this debate has been that the closure of the railway line is about revitalising the centre of Newcastle. How can one revitalise the centre of Newcastle by taking away its lifeline, its fundamental structure, which has resulted in Newcastle having one of the best transport systems in Australia?

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  • 17/09/2015: Adjournment speech on the water usage in beef production

    When thinking about water use, our immediate focus is on how much water we use from taps or tanks around the house and garden. Perhaps we think about how much we use at work. Why is it, when we focus on the amount of water used to produce protein or food for human consumption, we conveniently neglect the elephant—or should I say the steer and the cow—in the room? Often a large volume of “embodied water” is associated with many items we use or consume on a daily basis. This is the amount of water used during the growing, transportation and processing of the goods and services we use or consume. However, what is clearly evident—and backed by numerous scientific studies and reports—is that it is animal products that impart huge strains on our water resources and in turn our water security.

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  • 16/09/2015: Debate speech in support of the Child Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

    I have experience of working in the mental health sector. The percentage of people with a mental illness who are perpetrators of child abuse is the same as the percentage of people who do not have a mental illness, because it is a criminal activity. I worked with psychologists who were responsible for following up on offenders who had been released from prison. It became clear that only 15 per cent of people who had committed a serious sexual offence against a child gained the insight to see that they had committed a criminal offence. The number is alarmingly small. It influenced one of the main principles underpinning the recommendations in the report of the royal commission, which prompted this amendment bill. The Parliament and the Government are galvanised to protect vulnerable children.

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  • 08/09/2015: Adjournment speech on Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison, an Elder of the Yuin people

    Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison is a Yuin elder connected to his tribal lands of the South Coast of New South Wales. As a young man he was chosen for initiation into tribal lore. He learnt the ancient wisdoms and spent many years learning about caring for country.

    For more than 30 years, Uncle Max has been passionate about educating people from a variety of backgrounds. With his family, he provides cultural training and education via their Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness consultancy. He has been invited to speak about the importance of maintaining traditional wisdom in Japan, Finland, France, and the United States of America and across Australia. In 2009 he published a book titled My People’s Dreaming “to raise awareness of Aboriginal spirituality and to explain how we connect to the land”.

    His teachings cover the Yuin people’s creation dreaming, bush lore, foods, healing, laws and punishment, spirituality and the significance of our relationship to land and to animals. Uncle Max is greatly concerned about proper respect for the environment and the animals that share country with us—we all are bound together by a spiritual connection. He notes:

    People are saying what are we going to do about climate change, what are we going to do about the ozone layer? They are looking up there at the ozone layer. It is not up there that’s the problem, it’s down here. And this is what I am trying to show people and teach them.


    That deep connection with land includes a proper relationship with animals. At certain times of the year, Uncle Max will perform ceremonies to ensure that the whales are sent on their way to protect the fish and to look after the food and medicines in the ocean.

    Uncle Max is also an expert adviser to The Think Tank for Kangaroos [THINKK] and has raised a number of concerns about the killing of kangaroos for commercial and non-commercial purposes. He has expressed concern that the mass killing of kangaroos is damaging dreaming tracks across Australia.

    Uncle Max recently said to Chinese officials, “Please don’t eat our kangaroos and I would never eat your pandas.”

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