• 02/06/2015: My debate speech in opposition to the selling off of the poles and wires

    The Animal Justice Party opposes the Electricity Network Assets Authorised Transactions Bill 2015 and Electricity Retained Interest Corporations Bill 2015. We oppose these bills because the essentials of life—energy, water and air—should be always kept under the Government’s watch. The people of New South Wales have entrusted the Government to ensure that their health, warmth and access to the necessities of life can be guaranteed and in no way compromised, threatened or placed in danger through privatisation. With privatisation, a whole series of elements and issues come into the equation.

    Private companies will always only want to make a profit and flourish. There are many examples where that has happened at the expense of the public. For example, following the privatisation of electricity in Victoria those companies are facing very serious offences in the courts because their cost-cutting measures and cost-saving methods were important factors in causing some of the Victorian fires where people were burnt to death. This happened because those private companies were not interested in ensuring that the ethical standards required of government to provide essential environmental safeguards were not thwarted in any way.

    Another issue of concern in the current landscape is that we must move away from fossil fuels. This may be necessitated through important, intelligent and visionary government policies. No private company will adopt a policy to move away from fossil fuels while they remain the cheapest. Filthy, dirty energy causes enormous impacts on the environment and on human health. Indeed, the very nature of fossil fuel sourcing is deleterious to the environment, to human health and to animal wellbeing and welfare through poisoning of water, through the destruction of habitat and through adverse impacts on the environment in which they live. The Animal Justice Party opposes the bills on those grounds.

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  • 26/05/2015: Adjournment speech on Animal Welfare

    My first adjournment speech addressing the concerns around the memorandum of understanding between the NSW Liberal-Nationals Government and the NSW Farmers Association states which agrees that they will not uphold and adhere to the mandatory standards for animal welfare, particularly for farm animals

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  • 06/05/2015: My Inaugural speech

    I felt truly privileged to give a voice for the voiceless in parliament. Many dear friends and supporters joined me in the public gallery for the history making moment. I contemplated the significance of this speech and for the foundation it will set for my work in NSW parliament.

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    Watch the full speech below.

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