• 09/09/2015: Canned Hunting

    Motion by the Hon. MARK PEARSON agreed to:

    1. That this House congratulates the Hon. Greg Hunt, MP, Federal Minister for the Environment, for retaining the Federal prohibition on the importation of lion products and other species that are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered, under section 303CA (1) of the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth).
    1. That this House commends the Hon. Greg Hunt’s statement that “The process of really capturing or raising animals and then having them in a compound where they can’t run they can’t hide, they don’t have a fair chance, doesn’t really fit with the fair go ethos of this country let alone the broader issues of humane treatment of animals”.
    1. That this House condemns the practice of “canned hunting” whereby animals are confined, abused and drugged prior to being released into a restricted area to be shot dead by tourists for the purpose of posing for photographs with the deceased animal and the harvesting of their body parts to be kept as trophies.

    (4) That this House notes that:

    (a) the Hon. Mark Pearson, MLC, has seen documentary evidence showing lions kept in conditions that resemble factory farms and that these confined animals, once released, are in no condition to be anything other than helpless victims of cowards with guns; and

    (b) the killing of these defenceless animals does not in any way resemble hunting as it is understood by professional hunters.

    Hansard link – HERE

  • 11/08/2015: Medical Advances Without Animals Trust

    Motion by the Hon. MARK PEARSON agreed to:

    (1) That this House notes that the Medical Advances Without Animals [MAWA] Trust operates as an independent medical research and educational trust which facilitates the development and use of non-animal based experimental methods by working cooperatively with the research community.

    (2) That this House acknowledges and congratulates:

    (a) the leading role that the MAWA is taking in replacing the use of animals and animal products in the field of medical research and consequent improvements in human health;

    (b) the MAWA for directly funding a wide variety of research projects and advanced scholarships to support research into a vast range of diseases, disorders and disabilities in leading universities and research institutions Australia wide, such as research within the fields of immunology at the University of Sydney and regenerative medicine at the University of Western Sydney; and

    (c) the recent renewal of the partnership between the MAWA and the Australian National University to establish the Australian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Research.

    Hansard link – HERE

  • 27/05/2015: Paws and Recover

    Motion by the Hon. Dr PETER PHELPS, on behalf of the Hon. MARK PEARSON, agreed to:

    (1) That this House acknowledges and congratulates Senior Constable Jaqui Largo, Kings Cross Police Service, on her outstanding work in establishing and running Paws and Recover, a not-for-profit organisation that assists homeless people living on the streets to care for their companion animals that are often their one and only friend.

    (2) That this House notes that:

    (a) Paws and Recover networks with police, ambulance, emergency and mental health services in cases where animals are abandoned or would be left behind after domestic violence intervention, emergency, accident, health and mental health problems; and

    (b) During the week of 18 May 2015 Paws and Recover was able to arrange an animal carer for a 90-year-old woman living alone with her companion dog so that she was able to be admitted to hospital for an operation to remove cancer.

    (3) That this House acknowledges and congratulates the more than 70 volunteers, including police officers, who assist with this compassionate and very necessary service which contributes to the wellbeing of vulnerable members of the community and their “best mates”.

    Hansard link – HERE

  • 03/06/2015: Notice of Motion to bring in a bill to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979

    Mr Pearson to move—

    That leave be given to bring in a bill for an Act to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 to impose certain requirements relating to the operation of abattoirs and intensive livestock keeping facilities for the purposes of ensuring the humane treatment of stock animals.

    Watch Mark’s video overview of the bill below.

  • 15/09/2015: Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison

    Motion by the Hon. MARK PEARSON agreed to:

    1. That this House congratulates Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison, revered elder of the Yuin people on the South Coast of New South Wales, on his many years of dedicated work with the Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness Training Consultancy; and on teaching his traditional culture to thousands of people, including architects, environmentalists, Government Ministers and advisers, medical practitioners, researchers and international students; as well as presenting at the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne.
    1. That this House notes that:
    1. Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison’s teachings cover the Yuin people’s Creation Dreaming; bush lore; relationship with animals, foods, healing, laws and punishment; spirituality; and the significance of relationship to land; and
    1. in passing on traditional wisdom, Uncle Max speaks with great wisdom on life, land, spirit and forgiveness.

    Hansard link – HERE

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