• 06/10/2015: Where Pigs Fly animal sanctuary visit

    I would like to thank Debbie Pearce for inviting me as guest speaker for World Animal Day at the newly established Where Pigs Fly sanctuary.


    Education on the intelligence, beauty and sentience of animals is key to promoting a more compassionate and peaceful world. As well as providing for animals in need of care and comfort sanctuaries will play a huge part in the ongoing education of compassion and empathy for all sentient beings.

    Most sanctuaries run solely on donations from the public and the good will and hard work of volunteers. Please consider visiting Where Pigs Fly and keep an eye out for their next open day.


  • Mark Pearson at World Animal Day

    World Animal Day

    I would like to thank Debbie Pearce for inviting me as guest speaker for World Animal Day at the newly established Where Pigs Can Fly Sanctuary.
    Sanctuaries are great for animals in need of care and comfort, and for humans to learn and practice compassion and empathy for all sentient beings.

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  • 24/09/2015: Animal Justice’s Mark Pearson condemns Baird’s reward to the Shooters and Fishers; Night Hunting of Native Birds

    The Baird Government has quietly introduced an amendment to the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment (Native Game Birds) Regulation 2015 (NSW) to allow licenced night hunting of native birds. This amendment follows swiftly upon Shooters and Fishers MPs voting in favour of the controversial Biosecurity Bill and with the Newcastle Rail Bill poised for a vote in the upper house.

    Recreational hunting of native birds was rightly banned in 1995 but there have been a number of attempts to subvert the ban since then” says Mark Pearson.

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  • 09/09/2015: So the Biosecurity Bill aka Ag-Gag bill passed with all the usual supporters

    Unfortunately, the NSW version of Ag-Gag passed last night in the Legislative Council opposed only by the Animal Justice Party and The Greens.


    However some amendments were passed removing too much power from the Secretary and public servants and ensuring this remained with the minister.

    Most importantly, we were able to extract from the minister that where there is any prosecution under the proposed Act that the onus of proof is upon the prosecution to prove the offence, not the defendant to prove his / her innocence. This is very important.

    We managed to press the minister into stating over and over again that the purpose of the legislation was definitely not cloaked Ag- Gag laws, that it was meant to address all potential biosecurity risk ‘carriers’, be they shearers, animal transporters, hunters, farmers or activists. So, I am of the view, that if activists undertake all due diligence in the exercise of any planned entry into enclosed land (as they always have) to expose animal cruelty (lawful or not), then an arguable defence will be established.

    I am certainly not saying this legislation does not pose a serious obstacle for activists but my view is that since the minister has made these various statements under our pressure for clarification, those words will be used in any legal proceedings where an activist has been charged. The Hansard of the Second Reading Speeches to a Bill is often used to assist a Court in the clarification and elucidation of the purpose of legislation.

    We did our very best to strike down the most sinister implications for activists in this Bill and now it has gone to the Lower House [Legislative Assembly] for debate.

    Whatever happens, even though this proposed legislation will have set the bar higher for activists to defend legitimate exposure of hidden animal abuse, it must not mean that when the authorities are failing animals, we also fail them. This cannot happen. We will not turn our back on them. We just become smarter, more resourced and remember the overwhelming majority of the community supports us. Intelligent activism and a highly sophisticated defence in court will continue to assist the Judiciary to see truth and the legitimate purpose of necessary activism.

  • 01/09/2015: Budget Estimate questions to the Health Minister

    AJP’s Mark Pearson raised some eyebrows when he questioned NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner about the effects of intensive farming practices and overuse of antibiotics and the risk to public safety.

    Click below to watch the video.

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