• 19/10/2015: End Live Export rally in Sydney

    On Saturday I spoke in support of Animals Australia’s ongoing campaign to end the barbaric live export trade. Successive federal governments have failed to end the cruelty, to end the suffering, to end the bloodshed. Currently we have the most avid of supporters of live export as our federal agriculture minister in Barnaby Joyce. How can a person who personally profits from and represents an industry that profits from animal exploitation and suffering be the overseer of animal welfare and well-being?


    Australia has exported over 160 million animals for slaughter in overseas markets in the last thirty years; mainly sheep and cattle, though we also export smaller numbers of deer and goats and have exported camels and buffalos.

    These animals’ primary destinations are countries that have no animal welfare laws, standards or codes of practice in place to offer any degree of protection during their handling and slaughter and 80 per cent will have their throats cut whilst fully conscious.

    • news-mark-pearson-stop-greyhound-racing

    Greyhound racing – time to stop this evil industry

    Time to shut down this evil industry – Click here to see the ABC report on systematic cruelty in the greyhound racing industry.


  • 09/09/2015: So the Biosecurity Bill aka Ag-Gag bill passed with all the usual supporters

    Unfortunately, the NSW version of Ag-Gag passed last night in the Legislative Council opposed only by the Animal Justice Party and The Greens.


    However some amendments were passed removing too much power from the Secretary and public servants and ensuring this remained with the minister.

    Most importantly, we were able to extract from the minister that where there is any prosecution under the proposed Act that the onus of proof is upon the prosecution to prove the offence, not the defendant to prove his / her innocence. This is very important.

    We managed to press the minister into stating over and over again that the purpose of the legislation was definitely not cloaked Ag- Gag laws, that it was meant to address all potential biosecurity risk ‘carriers’, be they shearers, animal transporters, hunters, farmers or activists. So, I am of the view, that if activists undertake all due diligence in the exercise of any planned entry into enclosed land (as they always have) to expose animal cruelty (lawful or not), then an arguable defence will be established.

    I am certainly not saying this legislation does not pose a serious obstacle for activists but my view is that since the minister has made these various statements under our pressure for clarification, those words will be used in any legal proceedings where an activist has been charged. The Hansard of the Second Reading Speeches to a Bill is often used to assist a Court in the clarification and elucidation of the purpose of legislation.

    We did our very best to strike down the most sinister implications for activists in this Bill and now it has gone to the Lower House [Legislative Assembly] for debate.

    Whatever happens, even though this proposed legislation will have set the bar higher for activists to defend legitimate exposure of hidden animal abuse, it must not mean that when the authorities are failing animals, we also fail them. This cannot happen. We will not turn our back on them. We just become smarter, more resourced and remember the overwhelming majority of the community supports us. Intelligent activism and a highly sophisticated defence in court will continue to assist the Judiciary to see truth and the legitimate purpose of necessary activism.

  • Time to stop the greyhound industry

    31/08/2015: Again the truth comes out!

    Greyhound Racing-hidden systematic and industry supported cruelty. We all knew it, but to see this blatant disregard for the animals and the public defies even me.

    The RSPCA also has some serious questions to answer too also, we have all knew that for far too long the pre-warning of raids and inspections by the RSPCA is always at the detriment of animals. Thank you to the tireless work of animal activists.

    Read the full article here – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-31/greyhound-racing-nsw-cover-ups-tip-offs-revealed/6736034


  • 24/08/2015: The fight is on this week as the Government tries to push through their ag-gag bill

    A bill which punishes those who expose animal cruelty and protects those who participate in animal cruelty. The bill impedes on free speech and the tramples the presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

    It once again shows this Governments pursuit of exploitation for profit. The very department that is meant to protect animal welfare is the same department wanting to protect intensive farming practices and animal exploitation. This MUST change!

    Read the full article here – http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/biosecurity-law-sets-hurdles-for-animal-activists-documenting-cruelty-20150822-gj5bqi.html

    And here – http://www.smh.com.au/comment/gagging-debate-wont-right-this-wrong-20150824-gj69ns.html

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