The largest proportion of animals, affected adversely by humans, is in ‘farming’. The current NSW legislation that relates to these animals is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979. This Act is full of exemptions that effectively enable systematic cruelty, suffering and ever increasing intensification to those animals unlucky enough to be deemed ‘farm’ animals.


Procedures such as de-beaking of chickens, mulesing of sheep, de-horning of cattle, teeth clipping, tail docking of pigs and surgical procedures such as castration are all allowed to be performed without pain relief to animals at very young ages. This is all systematic cruelty that is still legal under current legislation and regulations. It is important to recognise and appreciate the suffering of every individual farm animal.

We believe that ALL animals must be treated with equal care and protection, with none of the dispensation provided for in ‘Guidelines, ‘Codes of Practice’ or other loopholes used by farming ‘industries’ to avoid cruelty charges that they would face if their practices were used on ‘companion’ animals.


The Animal Justice Party completely opposes the intensive (factory) housing of animals where many of their natural behavioural, social and grazing / feeding needs are severely compromised. This opposition extends to ‘semi’ intensive systems where animals will be at some stage housed intensively. It is understood that some farm animals will require protection from the elements of the foreign Australian environment but this does not sanction intensive housing.

The Animal Justice Party stands by the technical knowledge and sound science that supports a plant-based diet for humans. Such a diet is best for human health, would be a major factor in reducing famine and starvation, would have a formidable impact to improve the environment and, of course, would virtually eliminate distress and suffering for farm animals.