• 24/06/2015: Question Without Notice, kangaroo shooting

    The Hon. MARK PEARSON: I direct my question without notice to the Minister for Ageing, representing the Minister for the Environment.

    The Hon. Niall Blair: You have given up on me.

    The Hon. MARK PEARSON: No, I have not. Will the Minister investigate and conduct a review of the practice of Macro Meats Proprietary Limited of engaging shooters to kill only male kangaroos, despite this practice having unknown consequences for the sustainability and welfare of kangaroos as well as the integrity and gene pool of the mob, and considering that the practice was never sanctioned by the New South Wales kangaroo management plan?

    The Hon. JOHN AJAKA: The question seeks specific details, especially about being able to differentiate between a female kangaroo and a male kangaroo. I will refer the question to the relevant Minister for an answer.

    Hansard link – HERE

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