19th October 2015

On Saturday I spoke in support of Animals Australia’s ongoing campaign to end the barbaric live export trade.  Successive federal governments have failed to end the cruelty, to end the suffering, to end the bloodshed.  Currently we have the most avid of supporters of live export as our federal agriculture minister in Barnaby Joyce.  How can a person who personally profits from and represents an industry that profits from animal exploitation and suffering be the overseer of animal welfare and well-being?


Australia has exported over 160 million animals for slaughter in overseas markets in the last thirty years;  mainly sheep and cattle, though we also export smaller numbers of deer and goats and have exported camels and buffalos.

These animals’ primary destinations are countries that have no animal welfare laws, standards or codes of practice in place to offer any degree of protection during their handling and slaughter and 80 per cent will have their throats cut whilst fully conscious.