13th October 2015

    Questions without notice.


    The Hon. MARK PEARSON: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight. On my recent travels around regional New South Wales I met with the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service [WIRES], the wildlife carers, which advised me that while it receives a high volume of calls regarding wildlife injured on our roads, many animals are left to suffer because of outdated road signage advertising local numbers that are no longer in use. For some time WIRES has been asking Roads and Maritime Services to update roadside signs to advertise the statewide 1300 helpline number, but to date this has not occurred. Will the Minister direct Roads and Maritime Services immediately to update its injured wildlife road signs to include this statewide phone number for reporting injured and orphaned wildlife?

    The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I thank the member for what I believe is his first question directed to me. I have been waiting and waiting and I have had a folder with me in anticipation of a question from him. It is a good and important question that I will take on notice. I will consult with my department to find out what is happening. If the member is correct—I have no reason to assume that he is not—as soon as we properly can we will put in train appropriate changes in that area.

    17th November 2015

    The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: On 13 October 2015 the Hon. Mark Pearson asked me a question about injured wildlife road signs. I provide the following response:

    I am advised:

    WIRES is responsible for making and installing WIRES road signs. Roads and Maritime Services assesses sign design and provides approval of new signs on the State’s road network. Roads and Maritime is working with WIRES to identify which signs require updating.

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