6th April 2016

Last night I was privileged to be a panellist on the  Voiceless Rethinking Kangaroos seminar. The seminar was a great success and brought together the different perspectives of kangaroo suffering and slaughter across Australia.

The kangaroo is the victim of the largest slaughter of land-based mammals on the planet.

While similar wildlife trades, such as the Canadian seal hunt or the Japanese whaling industry, attract global condemnation due to their brutality, the kangaroo hunt is unchallenged.

I spoke about how Australian governments promote, financially support and even actively participate in the brutal killing of the kangaroo.I also raised through my long standing relationship with Indigenous groups how the kangaroo or Malu is a sacred Aboriginal totem and the mass killing is an insult to the Aboriginal people.

Below is an photo courtesy of Voiceless. Please make the pledge to protect our kangaroos.